“Website looks great!!”

Bernice Herald, Office Manager – Rolling Stone Landscapes

“We are getting a whole heap of website enquiries coming through – thank you very much!! It so good to see this new website design working – we went so long with nothing from that other company. We do appreciate your hard work.”

Amy Kanther, Office Manager – JSB Fencing

“The website just looks better and better Peter, we’ve had so much good feedback from people who’ve seen it, from all walks of life as well, our partner organisations, the resort owners of Leleuvia, friends and family and ex-volunteers who all think it not only looks professional, but gets the message across well too. Your team at Slinky have done a wonderful job.”

Howard Foster, Owner – South Pacific Projects

“Thank you for all that you’ve done this website looks as we want it to.”

Blair Pedler, Director – Nexus Risk

“It took me a couple of months to convince my skeptical bosses to go ahead with a new website however after seeing the difference it has made to their business they are about to have all their businesses change to Slinky Web Design. I receive regular compliments about our website and with the user friendly software our information is all ways up to date and a reliable source of information for our customers. I especially enjoy it just after I post an event on our web page and 10 minutes later people ring to book, fantastic!!!!”

Natasha Atkinson, Marketing Manager – Salt on the Beach

“Peter, The new website is looking great mate, you have done an excellent job. The site looks fantastic. Job well done all.”

Paul A. Taylor, Marketing Manager – Proteus Safety Eyewear

“Wow it looks amazing, easy to follow and I especially love the ‘contact’, brilliant. Brilliant work, thank you so much for being so efficient and professional. Thanks.”

Nadine Tomizzi, Director – Tony Tomizzi Builders Pty Ltd

“Thanks Guys! Great website design your team delivered for me. Good to see the site has got great search engine listings. Would recommend your website designers to any prospective clients. Cheers”

Brandon Cross, Senior Designer – Cross Design

“The prospect of establishing a new web site design and web marketing were very daunting to us, but Slinky Web Design made the process seem effortless. We are really happy with the advice given to us and the quality of their website designers. Visitors to our website have been nothing but positive.”

Janelle Sherrard, Director – Tubs & Tiles Bathroom Renovations

“Very happy with the design, very professional look and feel, and met all our objectives. Response times and service were very good. Would recommend your service to others. Much appreciated.”

Wil Cuperus, Finance Director – International Formwork & Scaffolding Ltd