How To Get Backlinks From Authority Websites

Within SEO circles we increasingly speak about E-A-T, and why websites that have or display expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are going to get preferential treatment from Google when it comes to ranking. With the ever-increasing ranking power that these high authority sites have, it means that the backlinks from them will pass some of that power to the websites they link to. That provides an excellent opportunity for website owners to harness that power by getting the authority sites to link to their own website. Before everyone goes rushing off to write emails asking for a backlink from a huge website, it does not work like, although admittedly SEO would be a lot easier if it did. Instead, we need to take a more subtle approach, because otherwise, we are just going to look like spammers, trying to ride on their coattails. That is not to say large website will not entertain backlinks to smaller websites. In fact, that helps their SEO too, given that linking out is a ranking signal to Google. So, we can get backlinks from them, and here are some ideas on how. Give Them A Testimonial Even the biggest of companies cannot resist receiving positive reviews and testimonials. You can take advantage of this by researching larger websites to see where they allow reviews or testimonials, and if they also permit a link within them. Obviously, you do not just copy and paste the same testimonial on each website, and even if you only can get one or two posted with backlinks, it is still worth it. (more…)

Effective Content Strategy

The 4 Pillars Of An Effective Content Strategy

While creating and publishing content on your website is better than producing no content at all, simply writing blog posts randomly and when it is convenient to do so, is not a strategy that is going to bring many positive SEO results. For your content to have all the positive impacts on your SEO, and the subsequent improvement in your search engine rankings, it needs to be done in a way, that very few other website owners would ever think of implementing. That way is structured, has end goals, works for your audience, and not just the search engines, and it can be monitored to see if any changes to it have to be made. It consists of 4 components or pillars as we like to call them because they form the cornerstones for your content to be effective and bring results. Here are those 4 pillars... Determine What Goals Your Content Should Achieve Many people assume that content’s one and only purpose is to please Google in order to boost rankings, but they are wrong. Yes, that is part of its job, but it can achieve much more than just that. Ask yourself, is its role to inform your visitors? Is it designed to entertain them? Does it try to promote a product or service? Or, is it purely an article to boost our SEO? Whether it is these 4 examples or any other of the multitude of reasons to publish content, establish what its goal is first, and then create it. Know Your Audience So, now that you have the goal of your content, you now need to consider the audience you are creating it for. This can cover a vast number of variables with regards to demographics, and it will also vary with regard to what the audience is expecting from your website. (more…)

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Methods Pros & Cons

Marketing methods have changed significantly over the past couple of decades. In the past, most marketing came in the form of newspaper, radio or television advertisements. However, digital marketing has become huge as the internet has grown, which has led to the rise of things like search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. It is important to note that digital marketing methods are not perfect. Like traditional methods, they have their pros and cons – some of which will be explored below: Digital marketing: In this context, the term ‘digital marketing’ refers to any sort of online or internet marketing method. While these are extremely varied and different in the ways they are used, they are linked by one major thing – the internet. Pros of digital marketing:
  • With digital marketing, you can reach a global audience, which is very beneficial for people with things like online stores.
  • Digital marketing can be very cost efficient, especially when you are careful about the types you use and how you use them.
  • Digital marketing is monitor-able, which means that you can see how effective your results are.